We believe that capturing and sharing experiences empowers individuals to make a difference.

knowledge plaza becomes elium


Global shifts are coming


Since 2008, we knew that enabled by the focus on social networks, the need for innovation and the imperative of collaboration, Knowledge Management would be back on the center stage. Today Knowledge Sharing is what keeps companies alive and kicking! At elium, we help knowledge-centric companies connect people to the relevant information and solve emerging challenges brought on by digital transformation. Our manifesto reflects what we want to achieve: simplicity, context, integration and trust. 2017 will be a key year for our company and we are eager to invite talents to join us at elium.

— Antoine Perdaens, Co-Founder & CEO

Raphaël Briner, CMO Elium | Knowledge Sharing Platform

From Knowledge Plaza to elium


Our new found name: elium reflects our need for simplicity along with our desire for bold decisions and emerging innovations. elium inspires us. We are very happy to welcome you now under the 5 letters domain name, elium.com. We see circular flows, new starting points, elevation and scientific experiences. We hope it will be magnetic and memorable for our end-users looking for the right destination to share their own work experiences and thinking.

— Raphaël Briner, Co-Founder & CMO