It is summer time! To celebrate this, here is a small update.

Share content in multiple spaces

It was a strong request from some of you that we decided to address. When you create or add content in Elium, this content is located in one defined space. When you assign additional spaces to it (via permissions), this content is now also displayed in the global activity feed, in the view of granted spaces as well as in the search results on one of those granted spaces. If you add content and share it instantly with additional spaces, it will also be listed in alerts.

More flexible alerts on new shared content

From now on, when you set up an alert from the search interface, Elium (ex-Knowledge Plaza) offers new options. You can now adjust the frequency and select exactly the day(s) where you would be alerted. You can also choose the send time, based on a time zone that you can set right from your preferences.


Spaces displayed by category next to the activity stream

From the administration panel, the administrator of the platform can organize spaces into categories. This is particularly useful if he (she) has to manage a large number of spaces. These categories now appear to the left of the activity stream. To help you navigate easier.


Better integration of the shelf

The shelf is part of a new section called ‘Lists‘, as well as the Draft list and the Review list. Let us remind what the shelf is about: it allows you i.a. to deal with a selection of sources using bulk actions, but also to export these sources within a ZIP file.

Mentioning a space in a comment or a status update

Space coordinators and administrators can mention a space and generate a group notification to all its members.


Email notifications for incoming private messages

You know it, Elium includes a private messaging. So far, unread messages generated no email notification. Now a notification will occur after a certain time if the user has not yet accessed his (her) messages through the platform.


This update also includes the following elements:

  • The choice of the number of results to display in a search is extended to 100. The tool will also save this choice for later searches.
  • Deleting sources in bulk is now also available from the search interface. Of course, unless you are an administrator, you will not have the right to delete content that you didn’t post yourself.
  • RSS aficionados will be happy to learn that they can now setup outgoing RSS feeds from any search, right from the search interface.