The top bar dedicated to search, share, check messages or notifications has been redesigned. You will very quickly find it to your liking. Judge for yourself:

Looking for a space? Use the quick search

The quick search now extends to spaces, in addition to tags, content and profiles. A very convenient way to access the space of your choice, besides the usual shortcuts from the side menu.
You prefer to access a list of spaces? Scroll through the Overview or any group of spaces.

A single share button

We don’t make any distinction anymore between uploading or creating content. Sharing; that’s what it is! Quick tip that’s still relevant: use drag&drop to easily share a file.

Better manage your notifications? Use the “mark as read” function

This feature will help you separate between simple notifications and those that require an action, it will help you be more productive.

A custom profile: you own your identity

Besides the usual profile details and picture you filled in upon your first connection, the system allows you to add a layer of customization to your profile: enrich it with free text blocks with references to shared content you want to promote, add links to external publications, or attachments such as a downloadable resume or your business card.

A public activity feed for more interactions

Elium now offers two activity feeds: a “Public” feed which shows all the public activity of the platform, and a “Followed” feed which offers only the activity of spaces to which you belong and that of users you follow. This allows a better overview of your organisation’s activity on the platform and separates your interests from a transverse view on all the current activity.
Would you want to adapt the feed by default, just browse your preferences.
Oh! And yes, the feed now informs you in real time of new activities!

Attached files in comments

A discussion is going on and you need to share a screenshot, an illustration, a suggestion? If you can’t act on the main content itself (a shared collection, a status update or a document), then this feature can be incredibly valuable and helpful. Attach a file, add your comment, and post.

Status updates are now searchable

Status updates, these short messages or spontaneous discussions posted right from any activity feed, are now included in the results of full-text searches. A great way to find back discussions, ideas and feedbacks.