Formerly limited to the display of a screenshot, saving a web page on elium (via our bookmarklet, for example) now offers a comprehensive and intelligent version of the content of that Web page. Indeed, the display focuses on the “unique” elements of the page, that is to say in general the central content. No menu, no advertisements, no secondary links. Only content.

For rich media platforms (YouTube, Prezi, Vimeo, Flickr, Instagram …), elium will embed the media directly.

New rendering for Web pages

Start a private discussion with a reference to multiple content

You can start conversations with other users, right from the shelf. This allows you to make a selection of content you’d like to refer to in your discussion.

Generate private discussion

Filter the library on a group of spaces

While searching, you can filter results based on one or more space groups.

Filter search on groups

New panel for tags and categories management

Tags gardening… Is it one of your favourite pastimes ? If answer is yes, please go to the administration panel. You should be delighted to discover a new way to manage tags and categories.

New panel for managing tags

What does it bring you ? A functional equivalence bonded to a greater ease in manipulating thanks to the display of tags directly in the administration panel.

Don’t worry, the standard processes (translation, merge, renaming, suppression and moving) are still available. We encourage you to read the FAQ here below.

Editing the URL of a saved webpage

Right from the metadata window, it is now possible to change the address of a webpage saved using the bookmarklet or the contribution button. It allows you to update the content link with no need to create a new entry, and keep initial metadata and comments. Note that elium doesn’t keep a history of successive URLs.

Editing a URL