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Deadlines approach all too fast. Consulting firms need to keep their people informed and engaged. Our social intranet creates an efficient knowledge-centric workplace that generates long-term value. Sharing knowledge, insight and experience is easy. Everyone keeps up to speed and feels part of the team.

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<b>Capgemini Invent strengthens collective intelligence</b>

Capgemini Invent strengthens collective intelligence

Capgemini Invent wanted to capitalise on its expertise and improve its knowledge sharing to create greater value for its clients and consultants. The global consulting company adopted our social intranet to support its digital transformation and strengthen its collective intelligence.

Capgemini Invent strengthens collective intelligence
<b>MSL improves internal collaboration</b>

MSL improves internal collaboration

To sustain its global digital transformation, MSL built a collaboration platform to help experts connect, build a sense of community and create a global knowledge base. Our social intranet is helping MSL increase transparency, encourage employees to contribute and promote collective learning.

MSL improves internal collaboration

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Key features

We get that your knowledge is a critical resource. You need to keep it up-to-date and ensure it’s accessible. Check out the features we built to help.

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Living Stories

Collaborate on every kind of dynamic story, from work-in-progress reports to evolving practices.

Distributed newsletters

Increase engagement and awareness. Tailor newsletters automatically for an enticing read.

Powerful search

Find what you need in a flash with an awesome search engine that smashes through silos.

A mobile workplace

Stay connected. Reach colleagues and insights on the go – wherever and whenever you need them.

Key benefits

We understand that your busy team is scattered far and wide, and that you need to keep it working together as one. Find out how Elium can help.

Perfect pitches

Find all you need in a snap, from studies and credentials to thought leadership and expertise.

A sense of belonging

Cultivate communities. Share news. Engage your distributed workforce and they will deliver.

Corporate memory

Give employees, old and new, a sense of your history. Make them part of your firm and its journey.

Emerging knowledge

See the future. Assemble diverse sources and content types into rich, thought-provoking Stories.

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