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The irreplaceable capital possessed by an organisation is the ability of its people to use their knowledge

Consulting firms

Strategy & transformation consulting
Communication and knowledge

Public relations & communications
Global knowledge sharing

Finance & accounting
Collaboration and communication

Consulting firms whose primary expertise resides in personal networks see knowledge management as a means of organising internal tacit knowledge and personal networks.

They are also facing digital disruption; adaptability and the company’s ability to quickly rotate is crucial. Absorbing new knowledge to embrace the emerging networked economy and add value to their services is paramount.


Cosmetics & luxury
Innovation and market intelligence

Building materials
Global knowledge sharing

Innovation and market intelligence

Competitive advantage is no longer solely about what companies do, it’s about how they do it. Companies in this sector are adapting to an increasingly volatile and disrupted world.
Focusing on building cross-teams and using core capabilities for quality, performance, business & innovation opportunities.

In the wake of the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) as defined by the World Economic Forum, these companies need to work smarter and think connected: capturing knowledge sustains lean business practices and helps these companies become more responsive to remain competitive, face new market disruptions and technological shifts.

Government, public services & NGOs

Aviation & transport
Innovation sharing

Economic development
Communication and collaboration

Institutional networks and associations
Communication and knowledge sharing

Setting up knowledge sharing programs or weekly field synthesis establishes institutional capacity and strengthens frameworks. But it also helps improve accountability, enhances transparency and facilitates much needed reforms.

Accessing knowledge and expertise creates internal stakeholder engagement ultimately building trust.