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Companies across all industries need a safe place for their core knowledge. While traditional knowledge management tools no longer make the grade, Elium is different – our modern tool provides knowledge sharing. Built for the digital workplace, it's highly secure, quick to install, efficient to run and easy to use. Elium is perfect for any business capturing, storing and accessing lasting content.

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<b>Implementing social workflows within global HR at Bouygues</b>

Implementing social workflows within global HR at Bouygues

Bouygues Construction is a global player in construction and services. Active in 80 countries, their teams design, build and operate buildings and structures which improve the quality of the living and working environment of their users.

Implementing social workflows within global HR at Bouygues
<b>Capgemini Invent strengthens collective intelligence</b>

Capgemini Invent strengthens collective intelligence

Capgemini Invent wanted to capitalise on its expertise and improve its knowledge sharing to create greater value for its clients and consultants. The global consulting company adopted our social intranet to support its digital transformation and strengthen its collective intelligence.

Capgemini Invent strengthens collective intelligence
<b>Ortis centralises knowledge and increases collaboration</b>

Ortis centralises knowledge and increases collaboration

Ortis wanted to centralise knowledge, increase collaboration and simplify access to information. That's why it adopted Elium, to unify and share market intelligence, business documents and more. Everyone can play their part in keeping the knowledge up to date, whether in the office or the field.

Ortis centralises knowledge and increases collaboration
<b>MSL improves internal collaboration</b>

MSL improves internal collaboration

To sustain its global digital transformation, MSL built a collaboration platform to help experts connect, build a sense of community and create a global knowledge base. Our social intranet is helping MSL increase transparency, encourage employees to contribute and promote collective learning.

MSL improves internal collaboration

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Key features

We get that your knowledge is a critical asset and you need a sure-fire way to make it work for you. Check out the useful features we built to help.

Seamless integration

Works great with your favourite tools: Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite, Dropbox, Lotus and more.

Awesome search

We combine our search engine with your tags to smash through silos and deliver the best results.

Stories to inspire

A flexible editor for telling your tale. Build rich engaging stories with ease.

Templates and schema

Don’t start from scratch. Kick-start your stories by loading consistent predefined templates.

Key benefits

We understand how cumbersome some business tools can be. That's why we made a knowledge sharing tool that's amazingly efficient and easy to use.

Efficient sharing

Make capturing, storing and accessing knowledge in your digital workplace a piece of cake.

Revive legacy IT

Bring knowledge stored in your legacy systems back to life. All while simplifying your IT landscape.

Easy governance

Distribute roles and responsibilities, decentralise management. Make even sizable rollouts a breeze.

Always here for you

Our friendly support starts on day one. Our methodologies ensure your implementation runs smoothly.

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